Silk Feet Microscreen

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Silk Feet is designed to quickly remove dry, callused skin revealing the smooth, healthy skin beneath. Silk Feet Bladeless Exfoliating Microscreen softens and smoothes, and is quick and easy! 

Before use be sure feet are clean and dry.  Apply even pressure and move with sanding motion.  Not too much as to make your feet tender or irritated.  I use this over a wastebasket, it is very effective. 

Silk Feet Exfoliating Microscreen's oval flexible shape adapts to the contours of your foot.  Silk Feet Exfoliating Microscreen gives you results quickly!  Best used after a nice soak in the tub or foot bath or just out of the shower.  For a Foot Soak, I recommend Kneipp Foot Care Bath Salts! The oval shape and flexible design adapt to the contours of the foot for salon professional results in minutes.